Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing 23: Final Thoughts

I just finished filling out the survey for "23 things on a stick". I think this is one of the most rewarding things I could of done, for my library, for my library system, and just for my life. I have allowed myself the time to explore all the online items that I wanted to...but didn't think I should take the time to do it..and also to explore some things that I just didn't know were out there. I want to thank all the people that have made the "23 things on a stick" possible. I hope they offer this again and again for those who were unable to finish, and for those that were hesitant and now we can say to them....GO FOR IT!

Thing 22: What did I learn today?

I am almost there. I can almost taste it! I have learned so very much in this 23 things exercise. I wish that all librarians were able to do this. There is just so much information packed into the 23 exercises. My hope is that this website is maintained for awhile. I have staff that may not finish in time to get a prize...but truly the prize is learning all this information. Learning makes us better...better librarians, better parents, better friends, just better all around. I plan to take time each and every week to explore in the many new things that I have signed up for. I know that I am more interested in some of them than others. I guess that is just human nature.

Thing 21: Beyond MySpace and other Social Networks

Social Networking is just incredible! You can find a social network for just about anything and everything. I think I have been social networking before...and didn't even realize it. What is interesting is that social networking via the web seems to be replacing human networking. Then you is this really any different? Well, you either get together with friends in person or on the web. The web just increases who you can count as a the web does not have any boundaries..say for example distance. I could be social networking with someone in China or in my really doesn't matter. I looked at bakespace, whats on my bookshelf, and goodreads to name a few social networks that I browsed. All in all it just depends on what you are looking for. Sky is the limit here too.

Thing 20: Library Social Networks networks...I guess I shouldn't of been surprised that 55% of all teenagers use social networks ..which has surpassed land line telephone use. Really social networks are one stop shopping. They have it all, pictures, video, IM, networking on all levels. I found this very fascinating. Now I will understand a bit more when my teenager is talking about all of this. I did register for a facebook account. I hope to link up with some former classmates or others with some similar interests. Facebook to me was a bit more user friendly than MySpace. Of course I spent a bit more time with Facebook than I did MySpace...but it just seemed easier to navigate and understand. I viewed a couple of library sites in MySpace. I can really see how this would be a great thing to tap into for teen library use. I imagine teens would communicate more this way than the usual Internet options....I mean the numbers certainly support this theory. I would love to see us...Pioneerland, Plum Creek, and Sammie do something with this...create a MySpace account that would link our catalogs and many other things. Teens might just love it too.

Thing 19: Podcasts

If there is one thing that I have is that anyone can podcast. I mean if all you have to do is pick up a much easier can it possibly be. One can almost compare it to the radio. Think about it...generations ago...not that many...the radio was something that people sat around and listened to. So, pod casting is the next best thing. You can pick and choose what you want to listen to...via a podcast. I tooled around in a few different ones...podcast. com..was podcast was pretty user friendly, wasn't even able to access, and the one I liked the best was It was very user friendly. Is this something that I am interested in know..setting up my own podcast? I would have to think about it. It would be pretty cool to set up one for summer reading. You could have students doing book reviews. So, I guess with pod casting...the sky is the limit.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thing 18: YouTube and Other Online Video

I found this "Thing" quite entertaining. I could get lost looking at all the online videos available. Viewing all of this makes me understand what all the kids are talking about. I don't know why I have been so reluctant at taking the time to browse all of this, but I guess I have been. I think that there are many uses for Google Video and YouTube that I never realized before. I am glad that I have taken the time to explore these online video options. I wonder where I am going to post the next online video that interests me?
I am a fan of Diet, I loved the Diet Coke and Mentos experiments. They were so funny and we don't always take the time to ourselves, at each other, or just giggle about something in life. I thought that this was something nonsensical and humorous and wanted to share it.

Thing 17: Elm Production tools

WE LOVE ELM IN THE PUBLIC LIBRARY WORLD! We use elm all of the time for our students and adults alike. We are always showing people this wonderful resource that we all have available to us. It is one of the greatest things! Our entire staff has has some elm training at the library. It is a very cool thing.
On another note..this "thing" gave me an opportunity to review RSS. I think I needed it. When I got to my assignment for thing 17...I thought this is a snap. I went to the site, found what I needed, only each time I tried to try this feed to my RSS said it was not a RSS site. So, after about 5 tries...I am going to go back and try and link them together later. Maybe it is a high traffic day or, wish me luck tomorrow. I may need it.